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How I bought a property in Phoenix

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I had 3 weeks to buy two properties in two different cities – Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ. Buying property in USA in these two cities has an advantage, they are less than 6 hours away from each other by car! Therefore approximately after 10 days spent in Las Vegas, I left early in […]


Buy House in USA for a good price = Bidding wars!

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In this post I will continue my story of buying property in USA this summer. As I already said, I have spent 6 months of preparations and then finally I got my tickets from Europe to USA. When I arrived to Las Vegas, I rented a car and got accommodation. Accomodation is super cheap in […]


I bought a property in USA!

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Thanks to everybody who was reading my blog and was adding comments to my articles – to motivate me! I was extremely busy the past few months with work and I didn’t have chance to add new blog posts here. Today I checked the google analytics and I couldn’t believe how many people have visited […]