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Nicklin Property Management – Las Vegas = BAD experience

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This story isn’t just for people interested in Nicklin Property Management, but it can give you some information about property management companies in general and about their bad practices. When searching for a Property management company in Las Vegas, I got a recommendation to Nicklin Property Management on Trulia. When I came to Las Vegas, […]


Finding Property Management company

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Part of investing and buying property in USA as a foreigner is finding a reliable property management company. As a foreigner, you can’t be present in the location of your investment property and therefore you don’t have the choice of doing the landlord by yourself. Using a property management company doesn’t have to be necessary […]


What I have bought in Las Vegas

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As I already have written in the Buying property in USA blog, there are many buyers in Las Vegas and huge bidding wars on all the cheap properties. I spent most of the 3-week stay in Las Vegas, driving around new properties on the market, visiting them with my Real Estate agent and placing offers. […]