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How Home Prices Declined in 25 Largest Metro Areas

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In this post, I will just republish data put together by Zillow. It is always important to do the market research before buying real estate in USA, because the market decision is sometimes even more important than the decision about the particular property. Anyway, thanks to servers like Zillow, the market research is quite simple. […]

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One year of investment property operation data in Phoenix, Arizona

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Following my Las Vegas property 1-year break down, I am going to present to you the numbers for my second property in Phoenix, AZ.  I also bought this condominium on N Cave Creek Rd during my 3week trip to the USA in the summer 2009. It was much easier to find the investment property in […]


One year after buying property in USA (Las Vegas) – numbers, thoughts, strategy

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I owed you guys who are following the Buying Property in USA blog this post already for a few months. It has been 1 year since I bought my properties in Las Vegas and Phoenix already last October (2010). However I was in the middle of purchasing a new property in Topeka, Kansas and also […]


8 Tips for Hiring the Best Property Manager

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Even though I have already written the next post, for my calculations of the first year returns on my 2 properties (in Las Vegas and Phoenix), it happened that I am changing again a property manager in Las Vegas. When looking for a new one, I have read my old posts to remind myself what […]

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How to keep track of your property’s operating data (incomes/expenses), simple and free

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Today’s post is not providing anything revolutionary, and for some people may be almost unimportant. However in the previous articles here at “buying property in USA” blog, I promised to show you guys how I keep track of my property incomes, and expenses (and any other operation data and information) – in a simple and […]

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