Topeka Multi-family property – 1st year of operation (2011)

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I acquired this property just in December 2010 with sellers financing. I was so happy to get it, for just $13,000 a multi-family property with 5 units, fully rented in that time! If you haven’t read that article – you can learn more about how I got the property here. Right after I bought the property […]


Seller’s financing – my experience, process of buying property in Topeka

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As I described in the last post at Buying Property in USA blog, I was quite lucky, because I found a great real estate agent, who presented me with a few investment properties, with possible seller’s or so called owner financing. I have read a lot of things about seller’s financing before, but it was […]


Buying investment property in Topeka, Kansas

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As I have mentioned in the previous post here at Buying Property in USA blog, I had a chance to spend some time in Kansas last year. I started looking around for investment properties, mainly because of the proximity to my future-in-law family. I wanted to be able to use the travel cost as a business […]