Las Vegas condo – 2nd year operation (2011)

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In Las Vegas 2011 didn’t start very well. I had a tenant through my already second property management company (this time RPM Las Vegas, run by Tod Wever) and it was going quite well. Until April, when I found out (when checking some HOA issue with Tod) that my property is vacant! I wasn’t even […]


One year after buying property in USA (Las Vegas) – numbers, thoughts, strategy

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I owed you guys who are following the Buying Property in USA blog this post already for a few months. It has been 1 year since I bought my properties in Las Vegas and Phoenix already last October (2010). However I was in the middle of purchasing a new property in Topeka, Kansas and also […]


Nicklin Property Management – Las Vegas = BAD experience

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This story isn’t just for people interested in Nicklin Property Management, but it can give you some information about property management companies in general and about their bad practices. When searching for a Property management company in Las Vegas, I got a recommendation to Nicklin Property Management on Trulia. When I came to Las Vegas, […]


What I have bought in Las Vegas

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As I already have written in the Buying property in USA blog, there are many buyers in Las Vegas and huge bidding wars on all the cheap properties. I spent most of the 3-week stay in Las Vegas, driving around new properties on the market, visiting them with my Real Estate agent and placing offers. […]


Buy House in USA for a good price = Bidding wars!

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In this post I will continue my story of buying property in USA this summer. As I already said, I have spent 6 months of preparations and then finally I got my tickets from Europe to USA. When I arrived to Las Vegas, I rented a car and got accommodation. Accomodation is super cheap in […]


I bought a property in USA!

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Thanks to everybody who was reading my blog and was adding comments to my articles – to motivate me! I was extremely busy the past few months with work and I didn’t have chance to add new blog posts here. Today I checked the google analytics and I couldn’t believe how many people have visited […]