Phoenix condo – 3rd year (2012)

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As you probably read in the previous article about my Phoenix property, the property was vacant since the September 2011, and I was having hard times finding the tenant in the newly repaired unit. I was very happy that Kathryn (employee of RPM Phoenix Metro) found me a tenant in January. We gave him half […]

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Phoenix condo – 2nd year operation (2011)

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In Phoenix the story went this way – in the summer 2011 I was notified that my tenant (family) got a few fines from the HOA and that the HOA found out that there is more than allowed number of occupants in the unit. The rules of the HOA strictly allowed only 4 people living […]

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One year of investment property operation data in Phoenix, Arizona

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Following my Las Vegas property 1-year break down, I am going to present to you the numbers for my second property in Phoenix, AZ.  I also bought this condominium on N Cave Creek Rd during my 3week trip to the USA in the summer 2009. It was much easier to find the investment property in […]


How I bought a property in Phoenix

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I had 3 weeks to buy two properties in two different cities – Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, AZ. Buying property in USA in these two cities has an advantage, they are less than 6 hours away from each other by car! Therefore approximately after 10 days spent in Las Vegas, I left early in […]