5 Important Tips for Beginners in Real Estate

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Most of the readers at this blog aren’t professionals and so I decided to post here an article we wrote for RealtyTimes which goes over the real basics of investing in real estate. We mentioned location, tax benefits, credit reports, the 1% rule of property investments and property evaluation tools. For foreign investors, the credit […]

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Keeping track of expenses and incomes for your accountant (CPA)

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In one of the last posts here at Buying Property in USA blog, I shared with you my file for keeping track of each individual investment property incomes/expenses and other data. There is one more file you will need though, if you have also founded an LLC and have a CPA (accountant) who is preparing […]


8 Tips for Hiring the Best Property Manager

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Even though I have already written the next post, for my calculations of the first year returns on my 2 properties (in Las Vegas and Phoenix), it happened that I am changing again a property manager in Las Vegas. When looking for a new one, I have read my old posts to remind myself what […]

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How to keep track of your property’s operating data (incomes/expenses), simple and free

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Today’s post is not providing anything revolutionary, and for some people may be almost unimportant. However in the previous articles here at “buying property in USA” blog, I promised to show you guys how I keep track of my property incomes, and expenses (and any other operation data and information) – in a simple and […]

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Real Estate Analysis FREE: New features!

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As you all probably know, I am the author of a free property analysis tool called Real Estate Analysis FREE. I am happy to announce some new features which I have been developing in the past few months. As always, this tool is free for anybody and I will be just happy if more people […]

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Price-to-rent ratio and Gross Rental Yield in USA

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As I promised in earlier post at Buying Property in USA blog, I have calculated price to rent ratios and gross rental yield of all the US states. I am currently writing an article with more details how I exactly got the numbers etc. However for the most of foreign investors is interested mainly in […]

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High rental yield markets in the USA

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Towards the end of the year 2010, I started putting together operational numbers (income and expenses) for my two condos. I will publish them in one of the next posts at Buying Property in USA blog. However what I observed was the unfortunate fact – that the positive cashflow I was expecting didn’t appear that […]


Real Estate Analysis FREE

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I am glad to finally announce my project I have been developing for almost a year now. I have developed a real estate investment software. A year ago, I was looking around for some free solutions, when doing real estate analysis of potential residential investment properties and I found out that the free solutions on the […]

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Rental Yields & NOI – How to explore them?

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Before buying property in USA, you have already done research of cheap REO properties on Bank of America’s website, then you have reseached prices in a particular location using Trulia.com, but you still need more information to be sure that the particular property will be a good investment. For this you have to find out […]


Location, location, location – How to research online!

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Everybody knows that location is one of the most important things about buying property in USA and anywhere else. However if you are foreigner and not even located in USA, how to find the best location for your investment? I was trying many tools for online research and I will share today with you the […]